Went to see Harry Potter today with the wolfboi - it was great! Yes yes I Know things were missed out and things were added in but this is a book to film transistion and as with most films some things are impossible/implausable/not necessary/too confusing to convey on screen so I am really not bothered. It set up for the big finale really well in my own opinion, so there.

After cinemas (Which involved much popcorn, chocoalte and pepsi) we went browsing round the mall, I bought a nice faux leather journal with silver stars on it from TK MAxx, and two magnets of Lady and the Tramp (From the film of the same name) from the disney store. IT was a choice of them or piglet, but I Have lots of piglet things, and LAdy and the Tramp was the first disney film I ever sawed, so that was the choice :) 

Also managed to pick up Backyard Babies new album for £5 and Tori Amos' "THe Bee KEeper" for a bargian £2.99.

After a bit of grocery shopping, and finding some "curry" dishes (the type they use in indian resturaunts, made of metal), we had a quick browse round Toys R Us (No HP goods boo) and then home, for home-made chicken in Hoi Sin sauce and rice, watched the Bashir-Jackson interview(again), followed by the brilliant Lie To Me. I loves Tim Roth I do.

And now, here I am! SO that was my day.

Think I might make a nice big mug of tea and convince the boi we need an early night :) Work tomorrow but weekend off, hurrah! 

I feel the need for some more new iconage... hmm.


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