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Birthdate:Jul 10
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Down the rabbit hole... or through the looking glass...


I am Myx.

Part Irish, part Romany Gypsy, mostly weird.

I live with my Wolfboi, my cat Rambo, my rabbit Pan, and 3 cactuses of suspicious origin (I think they're illegal immigrants), in a quiet surbibia of England.

I drink too much tea and not enough alcohol, enjoy a good book (with tea), love snuggling up on the sofa with nothing better to do than watch crap Saturday night television and rambling around the internet.

I collect penguins(my favorite animal alongside rabbits), take photos of whatever I can with or without a pulse, write things that only make sense to me, and play bass guitar in a band called HotRoxx.

I recently got told I'm being made redundant, so my job is unimportant. I prefer to look towards what I WILL be doing in the future, or ignoring the economical crises and making another cup of tea. Afterall, tea solves every problem known to man. Fact.

I enjoy comedy, especially british stand ups like Eddie Izzard, Tim Minchin (Australian, but close enough), Dylan Moran (Ok so he's Irish), Bill Bailey, Lee Evans, Alan Carr and Billy Connely (Ok, so he's Scottish).

My two favorite stories are Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood. But that's just two classics out of hundreds and hundreds, a book list would take too long to write and take up far too much space.

I once got hit in the head by Tom Baker, which makes Dr Who fans insanely jealous. He didn't even apologise!

Interests (150):

58, 80's rock, alice, alice in wonderland, alphabetti spaghetti, art, asian horror, badgers, bass, bass guitar, bill bailey, body modification, bones, books, boots, british comedy, bunnies, bunny rabbits, bunnys, c.s. lewis, cats, comedy, computers, csi:ny, digital photography, discworld, dominic monaghan, dr who, drag queens, dragons, drink me, drums, ducks, dvds, dylan moran, eat me, eddie izzard, fantasy, feathers, ferrets, fetish, films, fozzie bear, funk, furbys, furry, gigs, glitter, goth, graphic design, guitar, hair dye, hair metal, hedgehogs, hobbits, horror, html, hugs, interior design, ireland, jagermeister, jam, japan, jewellery, johnny depp, junk, kittens, live music, lizards, lollipops, london, lots of tea, lucky rabbit feet, lyrics, mad hatter, mad hatters tea party, manga, march hare, mock turtle soup, monty python, motley crue, movies, muppets, mushrooms, music, musicals, mötley crüe, ncis, nikki sixx, nikon, paint, penguins, philosophy, photography, piercings, punk, pvc, queen of hearts, rabbit ears, rabbits, rainbows, rats, reading, red dwarf, robin hood, rock, rock music, rocky horror show, rubber duckies, sblomie, scarification, sixx, sleeping, song writing, spoons, squee, stand up comedy, stars, swords, symbology, tattoo flash, tattoos, tea, tea drinking, tea ferrets, tea gardens, tea party, tea rooms, tea sets, tea-serving-ferrets, teacups, teapots, the cure, the walrus and the carpenter, tim burton, tim minchin, tolkien, transvestites, travelling, victoriana, viggo mortensen, violin, vocals, walking barefoot, warrens, web design, white rabbit, wonderland, wrestling, writing
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