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( Jul. 24th, 2009 02:59 pm)

Today is payday. Hurraaaah. I also get to spend the £50 worth of Amazon vouchers I won at work. Hurrah!! Lots of cd goodies cause i haven't been buying music as often as I used to, gonna include some things like The Creepshow and the Meteors (Yes, currently exploring rockabilly). And a microwavable dinosaur! Oh yes.

Had a gig last night at a venue in birmingham called Route 44. wasn't too bad, just got tired and cold and headachey waiting for bands to finish so I could go home. Got home after 1am, now I'm tireeeeeeeeeeeeed. Oh well, only 6 hours of work left.

Just ordered me some more goats milk soap, along with a shampoo bar and shower scrub as I seem to be bloody allergic to everything, even washing my hair freaks my eczema out. *sigh* Its been tough this past week, i just want to tear my skin off!!

For those interested, I order my goats milk soap from which is an awesome little store, all home made products! I highly recommend the Frosty porridge oats soap, which makes a brilliant exfoliator for my face, as I can't use any standard products off the shelf due to allergies. Leaves my skin super soft!!

Its lunch time soon. Not sure what I fancy eating. Think we're off to the pub. They do awesome chicken and bacon pasta!

Ahh, work will be over soon. Keep smilin!


Went to see Harry Potter today with the wolfboi - it was great! Yes yes I Know things were missed out and things were added in but this is a book to film transistion and as with most films some things are impossible/implausable/not necessary/too confusing to convey on screen so I am really not bothered. It set up for the big finale really well in my own opinion, so there.

After cinemas (Which involved much popcorn, chocoalte and pepsi) we went browsing round the mall, I bought a nice faux leather journal with silver stars on it from TK MAxx, and two magnets of Lady and the Tramp (From the film of the same name) from the disney store. IT was a choice of them or piglet, but I Have lots of piglet things, and LAdy and the Tramp was the first disney film I ever sawed, so that was the choice :) 

Also managed to pick up Backyard Babies new album for £5 and Tori Amos' "THe Bee KEeper" for a bargian £2.99.

After a bit of grocery shopping, and finding some "curry" dishes (the type they use in indian resturaunts, made of metal), we had a quick browse round Toys R Us (No HP goods boo) and then home, for home-made chicken in Hoi Sin sauce and rice, watched the Bashir-Jackson interview(again), followed by the brilliant Lie To Me. I loves Tim Roth I do.

And now, here I am! SO that was my day.

Think I might make a nice big mug of tea and convince the boi we need an early night :) Work tomorrow but weekend off, hurrah! 

I feel the need for some more new iconage... hmm.
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( Jul. 15th, 2009 10:05 am)
At work, where our systems have gone down, and we can't do anything. Pointless.

So, what have I done lately...

I turned 25 last Friday - acheived my quarter of a century!! Heehee.

Went to Nottingham with various peoples which was much fun and frolics, involving cocktails, a gig and giant kebabs.

I also got my first set of tarot cards, so I'm learning how to use them. The cat likes helping, he's quite the little fortune teller! They are the Forest Folklore pack, and are quite beautiful. 

I got a ring from the wolfboi, some what of a promise ring. It has a celtic band, and an amber stone in the middle. Along with breakfast in bed, it was a lovely birthday!

Tomorrow, me and the wolfboi are off to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I recently aquired a Bellatrix gentlegiant Mini bust - which is beautiful! It looks really nice on the bookshelf, next to our big stone carved skull! The Bellatrix bust I got for a brill price on ebay of just £19 - they were about £35 in the shops! Birthday present for myself.

I'm in the process of changing my email address, and hoping that I dont forget to changeit for anything important. If any of you need it, comment me and I'll send you a message with it in. :)

Other than that, only a month left before I am made redundant. 17 working days or so, really, taking out my rest days. Wondering what the future will bring... hmmmm.
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( Jul. 6th, 2009 12:26 am)
Just wanted to share my excitement that Rambo my kittencat is Cat of the Week over at!! He is also number 4 in the country for their current competition to appear on the boxes of catfood!!!

What me? Cat of the week? REALLY?!?!

Thanks to everyone who voted!! I'm soooo excited!! 

Went to the Wyre forest today by the way, got some photos that will be up later on tomorrow sometime, but for now, here's me and the wolfboi enjoying the trees! 

And also my neice, and our soon to be Godchild Ellie....isn't she adorable??

And of course I couldnt leave out... my brother. Being a badger.

Rambo Cat!!! 

I'm ready for my close up..........

I beat you!!! (Yes I coulda cropped my hand but I didnt want to :P)


You're kidding, right?!

*sulk* Cat indeed...

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( Jul. 4th, 2009 10:29 pm) updating!!!!

I really have to get into using this thing more.

So, not much going on. Been given our official redundancy date - 14th August I am a lady of leisure (and very little money...oh joy).

Last night we went to see a Michael Jackson tribute. He was awesome, tho I do not like what they did to the venue. It's been refurbished from a smoky ol' hole in the wall that I've been going to since I was 15 - to a HORRIBLE trendy bar. It sucks!!! I coulda cried.

Anyway, here's a couplea photos of the dude - he even had surgery to look like him, and was used as a Jackson decoy for many years. He was brilliant, moves, vocals, voice, just like him. It was quite emotional sometimes, and magical in a way. He is keeping the magic alive.


This one is probably my favorite - I love the emotion in it!! 

TOmorrow we are off to the Wyre forest, if the weathers nice. But for now, we just ordered chinese takeout, and plan on watchin a movie of some sort. Tomorrow, we have 3 hours of Bagpuss to watch, which calls for PJ's and large mugs of tea!!!! 

Hope you are all well! Tell me something!! 


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( Jun. 23rd, 2009 04:57 pm)
Moving teams again *sigh*. We get made redundant in 6 weeks, and I have yet another new manager!

Oh joy!

Nothing much new. Should get sketces online. And Forest photos. So much to do, so little enthusiasm.

Kick me someone, please.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2009 03:07 pm)
Damn, 12 days since I updated, really really not good. *slaps wrists* Try harder!!!

Soooo my eczema is driving me insane, I went to the Forest with the wolfboi for a weekend away, visited goodrich castle (pretty, photos soon), got me a new bag and a new sketch book (That I am actually using instead of leaving to look pretty, surprising that is).

What else.... under 50 days till I am jobless. I am looking forward to a rest.

Album is recorded, some of it is mixed, I heard one track, pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Righty. Nearly finished work.
Ok guys I need your help. I want a new domain but it's taking me ages to decide. So far narrowed it down to... (I kinda likes this one) (And i think this ones cute) (This one just sounds good)

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( Jun. 6th, 2009 01:18 pm)
What a week. I am soooo tired.

Recording went well, I haven't heard it with the vocals on it, but it sounded awesome and that's before it was even mixed. We've used Tommy lee drum sounds and the bass is damn MEATY. It reminds me a lot of Dr Feelgood.

We have yet to decide on an album title. I really like "HotRoxx - Hard Fast and Dirty", but suggestions are welcome.

Here's the track listing for your amusement...

1. Run Like Hell
2. Bad Habit
3. Dirty Love
4. You'll Never Win
5. Just Ain't Rock and Roll
6. Take 'Em Down
7. Betrayer
8. We Like it Fast
9. Shock Me
10.Living Daylights

We also need album artwork, so much to do!!

Other than recording, I've been at work work work. I'm sooo tired.

I went home last night and went up for a nap, and my dear wolfboi had gone and picked some wild flowers and put them in a little vase beside my side of the bed - he's sooo sweet. Me loves him lots.

Anyway, at work, so should do some work, really. Hrrmm.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 11:37 am)
Wow, I'm rubbish at updating sometimes.

There was the weekend and a gig in Rugby, which was awesome but I really needed to go to the little girls room all the way through. PLaying bass with my legs crossed I was, mm-hmm.

There was alkeyfrol and giant giant pizzas. And lots of SUNSHINE! Happy times.

Our little Rambo kitty missed us lots, but he was a brave boy, spending the night on his own, blessim!

Other than that, trying to sleep in unreal heat, work work work and as of tomorrow, in the studio recording HotRoxx's first album, woo! Although sitting in a freezing cold studio doesn't sound toooooo fun. Sleeping bag, flask of tea and sandwhiches me thinks.

Last week, my brother, Chris and his girlfriend, Sam, asked me and the wolfboi to be Godparents to Sams daughter, Ellie - of course we said yes, feel rather priveleged. Ellie is adorable, and so so smart! Clever little bean she is. So that's all my excitement for the week!!

How are YOU doing?

Spent most the morning abusing cause its FUN! I'm myxymyx on there. Love hunting down songs.

Off up my moms in a little bit to rescue my toys. And driving lesson. My instructor asked me to reschedule to tomorrow so he can watch the football. Priorities eh? Good job I know him!

So yeah, off to rescue my 80's paraphenalia. Photos later!
The darling Wolfboi is watching Jack Frost (The horror movie not the family film) and it's naff. I wasted 2 hours of my life finding icons (Still need LOAAAADS more, suggestions pleases) and updating my profile instead. :P

Day off tomorrow! I shall be a) going to the pharmacists to pick up the rest of my prescription, b) raiding my moms house for childhood toys and books and c) having a driving lesson.

In the meantime I'm really looking forward to a good nights sleep (Sleep is one of my favorite things to do). Enjoying Dreamwidth so far. Even though it's the same as LJ there is something refreshing about it.

G'nite all, have wonderful days/nights!

P.s. why can I smell pizza?!?!
I'm wanting a new email addy cuz I get spammed to hell and back on my current one... only, googlemail, who I prefer, don't allow usernames below 6 characters...

I want to keep "myx" but i can't think of 3 other digits/letters to add, and no, I'm not a fan of numbers! :( Ideas on a postcard.

Clock watching: an hour and 13 minutes till home time. And Britains Got Talent (Go ahead, call me sad :P)
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( May. 26th, 2009 06:34 pm)
I just joined this community:

And I think you all should too! It looks good to me :)

And also for all you budding photographers, whether you're pro, amature or just like taking photos!

Sharing the community love.
Ok, so I added a whole bunch of lovely looking strangers today. *waves*

Feel free to remove me if you want to, just thought you all looked interesting and we shared an interest or two, so therefore clicked subscribe! I won't be offended if you don't want to add me! :)

2 hours or so left of work. Off for a smoke break.

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( May. 26th, 2009 12:24 pm)
My mum got in the attic last night and has got all my toys down. I have the day off tomorrow so I'm going to her house to raid it of all my toys! All my old Keypers and things. Excited! I'll take photos ;) Of course it means even MORE boxes of things in the garage, but still. I should just sell the lot cause I haven't missed any of it except my CD collection yet.

Back at work, and it's busy busy busy. Call after call after call :( But it is breaktime soon.

Learning to keep my eczema under control. It doesn't like the heat very much. And really have to apply moisturiser lots. I have one big 500g dispenser at work, another at home and 2 100g tubes I carry about with me. Huge learning curve!!!

Anyway. I plan on posting at least something creative later on today or tomorrow. Photos. Or a story perhaps. Until then ;)

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( May. 25th, 2009 03:42 pm)
Just purchased 6 months paid time for this here dreamwidth business. Yes, I kinda like it. So lets see how it goes, hmm?? Hmm.
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( May. 25th, 2009 01:14 pm)

Photograpy community, wants members!!

Post anything, as long as it's photography orientated!!!

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( May. 25th, 2009 11:48 am)
Well looky at this. Shiny journal. Teh great escape from teh el-jay land.

Lets see if I can use this one anymore than I used that, and also do something creative with it (like that short story i wrote or the photos I took and didn't do anything with!).

I wanna make a community while theres still loadsa user names available. Anyone wanna join in? And, what to make the community about? Hmm *scratches head*.

I'm working on Bank Holiday and it SUCKS. There are no calls coming into the centre. Just send us home already!