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([personal profile] myx Jun. 2nd, 2009 11:37 am)
Wow, I'm rubbish at updating sometimes.

There was the weekend and a gig in Rugby, which was awesome but I really needed to go to the little girls room all the way through. PLaying bass with my legs crossed I was, mm-hmm.

There was alkeyfrol and giant giant pizzas. And lots of SUNSHINE! Happy times.

Our little Rambo kitty missed us lots, but he was a brave boy, spending the night on his own, blessim!

Other than that, trying to sleep in unreal heat, work work work and as of tomorrow, in the studio recording HotRoxx's first album, woo! Although sitting in a freezing cold studio doesn't sound toooooo fun. Sleeping bag, flask of tea and sandwhiches me thinks.

Last week, my brother, Chris and his girlfriend, Sam, asked me and the wolfboi to be Godparents to Sams daughter, Ellie - of course we said yes, feel rather priveleged. Ellie is adorable, and so so smart! Clever little bean she is. So that's all my excitement for the week!!

How are YOU doing?

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