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([personal profile] myx Jul. 24th, 2009 02:59 pm)

Today is payday. Hurraaaah. I also get to spend the £50 worth of Amazon vouchers I won at work. Hurrah!! Lots of cd goodies cause i haven't been buying music as often as I used to, gonna include some things like The Creepshow and the Meteors (Yes, currently exploring rockabilly). And a microwavable dinosaur! Oh yes.

Had a gig last night at a venue in birmingham called Route 44. wasn't too bad, just got tired and cold and headachey waiting for bands to finish so I could go home. Got home after 1am, now I'm tireeeeeeeeeeeeed. Oh well, only 6 hours of work left.

Just ordered me some more goats milk soap, along with a shampoo bar and shower scrub as I seem to be bloody allergic to everything, even washing my hair freaks my eczema out. *sigh* Its been tough this past week, i just want to tear my skin off!!

For those interested, I order my goats milk soap from which is an awesome little store, all home made products! I highly recommend the Frosty porridge oats soap, which makes a brilliant exfoliator for my face, as I can't use any standard products off the shelf due to allergies. Leaves my skin super soft!!

Its lunch time soon. Not sure what I fancy eating. Think we're off to the pub. They do awesome chicken and bacon pasta!

Ahh, work will be over soon. Keep smilin!


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