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([personal profile] myx Jun. 6th, 2009 01:18 pm)
What a week. I am soooo tired.

Recording went well, I haven't heard it with the vocals on it, but it sounded awesome and that's before it was even mixed. We've used Tommy lee drum sounds and the bass is damn MEATY. It reminds me a lot of Dr Feelgood.

We have yet to decide on an album title. I really like "HotRoxx - Hard Fast and Dirty", but suggestions are welcome.

Here's the track listing for your amusement...

1. Run Like Hell
2. Bad Habit
3. Dirty Love
4. You'll Never Win
5. Just Ain't Rock and Roll
6. Take 'Em Down
7. Betrayer
8. We Like it Fast
9. Shock Me
10.Living Daylights

We also need album artwork, so much to do!!

Other than recording, I've been at work work work. I'm sooo tired.

I went home last night and went up for a nap, and my dear wolfboi had gone and picked some wild flowers and put them in a little vase beside my side of the bed - he's sooo sweet. Me loves him lots.

Anyway, at work, so should do some work, really. Hrrmm.


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