...at updating!!!!

I really have to get into using this thing more.

So, not much going on. Been given our official redundancy date - 14th August I am a lady of leisure (and very little money...oh joy).

Last night we went to see a Michael Jackson tribute. He was awesome, tho I do not like what they did to the venue. It's been refurbished from a smoky ol' hole in the wall that I've been going to since I was 15 - to a HORRIBLE trendy bar. It sucks!!! I coulda cried.

Anyway, here's a couplea photos of the dude - he even had surgery to look like him, and was used as a Jackson decoy for many years. He was brilliant, moves, vocals, voice, just like him. It was quite emotional sometimes, and magical in a way. He is keeping the magic alive.


This one is probably my favorite - I love the emotion in it!! 

TOmorrow we are off to the Wyre forest, if the weathers nice. But for now, we just ordered chinese takeout, and plan on watchin a movie of some sort. Tomorrow, we have 3 hours of Bagpuss to watch, which calls for PJ's and large mugs of tea!!!! 

Hope you are all well! Tell me something!! 


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From: [personal profile] sixxaddiction

Wow...just wow. Amazing photos and also amazing how much he looks like MJ. Im still saddened by the loss of MJ. Wish I had the chance to see him at least once. =(


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